Four Cheese Spaghetti

Amazingly creamy and so velvety with literally 4 different types of cheeses here! It’s quick its easy and perfect for company too! 


Taleggio, gorgonzola, parmesan, primo sale cheese, milk, cream, salt, pepper, butter, xanthan gum


1. Prepare a large pot of boiling salted water (use at least 4 liters of water for 500g of pasta) or the pasta isn't going to boil properly and we really want you to eat tonight!

2. Add spaghetti for about 6-7 minutes for al dente 

3. While the pasta is cooking you are going to need to go and heat up a pan for the four cheese sauce 

4. Remove the four cheese sauce from the bag 

5. Pour the sauce into the pan and heat for around 2-3 minutes making sure the pan is turned down to a medium-low setting once heated 

6. When the spaghetti has boiled and ready add it to the pan full of delicious cheesy 4 cheese sauce 

7. Toss the pasta through the sauce until it's coated 

Happy twirling! Add some extra parmesan if you want to make it a layered cheese dish!

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