Duck Ravioli

A comfort warming dish! We fill our handmade ravioli with duck ragout and serve with a chicken broth and parmesan for a five-star gourmet dinner made in minutes.


Garlic, celery, tomato paste, red wine, onions, ginger, juniper berries, star anise and pernod 


1. Prepare a large pot of boiling salted water (use at least 4 liters of water for 500g of pasta) or the pasta isn't going to boil properly and we really want you to eat tonight!

2. Add ravioli for about 6-8 minutes for al dente 

3. While the pasta is cooking you are going to need to go and heat up a pan for the chicken broth 

4. Remove the chicken broth from packet and add to pan 

5. Pour the broth into the pan and heat for around 2-3 minutes making sure the pan is turned down to a medium-low setting once heated 

6. When the ravioli has boiled and is ready add to the pan for 2 minutes 

7. Add parmesan cheese once served 

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