Dry Aged Tomahawk

More than a meal, the Tomahawk Feast is a complete steak-based sensory experience. Melt in the mouth, this cut of meat is 21 days dry aged and is glistening with moist red musculature and flecks of pure white marbling. Pair it with our roasted potatoes, truffle butter and market vegetables. 


Tomahawk, roast potatoes, truffle butter, salt garlic, seasonal vegetables 


1. Take your Tomahawk out of the fridge and leave it to room temperature which will usually be 30-45 minutes outside of fridge 

2. Season your Tomahawk with oil and heavy on the salt and pepper 

3. Take your pan and heat it on a high setting and heat your oven to 180c

4. Sear your steak each side for one minute, doing this will get a caramelisation 

5. Take your Tomahawk out of the pan and now place in your oven with your potatoes and market veggies

6. For a medium-rare result leave in the oven for 25-30 minutes max 

This is going to be the ultimate steak experience 

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