Dry Age Lamb Cutlets with Roast Veggies

Make a flavour-packed sauce to drizzle over perfectly dry aged lamb. Then finish off your gourmet creation with roast potatoes and deliciously vibrant market vegetables.  


Lamb cutlets, roast potatoes, butter, salt garlic, seasonal vegetables 


1. Take lamb rack out of the fridge and season well with salt and pepper (do not use oil to season)

2. Heat up your pan to a medium-low setting and also heat your oven to 180c

3. Once your pan is at a nice heat put your lamb rack with skin contact to the pan and leave for 10 minutes so it cooks the fat out 

4. Now you will have 'oil' in your pan from cooking the fat out so now on each side sear for 1 minute 

5. Take your lamb rack out of pan and place in the oven with our market veggies and potatoes

6. Cook inside the oven for 20-25 minutes for a medium-rare result 

If you would like your lamb rack cooked to medium-well leave in the oven for an extra 10-15 minutes  



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