The Hangover Cures Ollie’s Squadra Swear By

We’ve all been there before: after work drinks turns into happy hour, and suddenly you are singing karaoke at 2am and waking up with a half-eaten kebab in bed and a killer hangover.

If you want medical advice on how to cure your hangover definitely speak to your doctor, but if you want advice on how to beat a hangover, speak to the true drinking experts: Ollie’s Squadra. We’ve pulled together the Squadra’s top five ailing remedies.


This remedy is curtesy of our Fitspo Squadra member, Dave. Sounds easy enough, but when you’ve got a pounding headache and nausea up to your eyeballs the last thing one thinks about is pulling on those running shoes.

 Dave says the key to this remedy is two pronged. “Make sure you drink at least 1 litre of water and have at least two painkillers before bed. Set your alarm for 9am, get dressed in your activewear and walk outside energy drink in hand. After about 10 minutes build up to a light jogging pace, letting the sins of the previous release through your pores and I swear you will feel a million bucks afterwards.” Yeah Dave we’re not sure on this one.


Sometimes all you need is grease and cheese? according to Squadra member Leith. She avoids the hair of the dog and opts for a more traditional approach, grease on grease with a nice dashing of cheese. Her go to? Extra crunchy fries topped with gravy and mozzarella.


In the eyes of our crazy Squadra member Lola nothing beats the ailing remedies of a black aspirin, aka coke. Team it with a loaded burger, or really anything available in the fridge and it is a recipe for success.


When it comes to curbing Nay Nay’s red hot hangover nothing goes past the majestic golden arches of Maccas. Labelling it as a one stop shop, Nay starts with three hash-browns (yeah solid choice Nay) followed by a bacon egg McMuffin (hold the egg) and it’s all washed down with a refreshing jug of coke. Mmmm where do we sign up?


You’re probably thinking, “seriously?” But our natural beauty Serena says olive oil is not to be overlooked for curing those pesky hangovers. And apparently it is scientifically proven! According to science olive oil or another-grade oil, taken by the tablespoon shortly before alcohol consumption, may help slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed giving your body more time to adjust to its new blood chemistry. PASS. US. THE. OLIVE. OIL!

So, there you have it the Squadra’s top five tips for squashing those raging hangovers. And if all else fails we will have a Fancy Gin waiting for you!

Ciao, Ciao!

Ollie’s Squadra

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