A day in the life at Ciao Ollies

Ciao, Ciao!

2020 was said to be the year of new beginnings. Well, they got that bloody right didn’t they! In a matter of three weeks, the Squadra at Ollie’s have had many new beginnings…

Firstly we launched a new business… hello Ciao Ollie’s (olliesitalian.com.au) if you haven’t checked it out… yes shameless plug right there. Secondly we have all become raging alcoholics, and thirdly coffee has now replaced water.

So, what does a day in the life at Ollie’s now look like? Well brace yourself, because it’s one hell of a ride.


Nay Nay: arrives coffees in hand for Squadra and energetically bounds up the stairs (you know exercise and sh**) yelling “Ciao, Ciao” for the universe to hear.


Squadra: De-brief on the HIL-AR-IOUS Tik Toks we have all sent each other the night before…because this is life now. 


One word: S.T.A.I.R.S. Stairs to the office, stairs to the top kitchen, stairs to the bottom kitchen. Sounds like a dream, right? Tuesday and Thursdays, your favourite day because you get your pasta delivery, but for us, we have nightmares about those stairs.


Squadra: Packing pasta boxes. THIS. IS. FUN. We have the music blaring (but not country, sorry Lele). We are double, triple checking…we hit a major road block…one cannelloni short…

Heart rate increases, knees weak, arms spaghetti… the nervous laugh – I see the kitchen looking at me with the face of distress.

Many pleas, many kisses (air kisses, because you know social distancing and all) and cannelloni is fixed because the kitchen team are weapons.


Tornado Toshi and Dave the Dad (aptly named due to his fine array of Dad jokes) arrive, boxes are ready, packed in the back of Scully (refrigerated van) and on the road they go.


Back at HQ- Lele is shouting at Shopify because she has to pay for an app to get the feature she wants. Nay Nay is looking up code to get the feature and messaging her coder friend in Norway. Lele has had enough and breaks out in the Circle of Life song, “ahhhhhhh zabbeennyaaaa.”


Coffee. Snacks. Coffee. Tea. Chocolate. Water. coffee.


Nay Nay: “I wonder…”

Code for: “I have a crazy idea”

Lele: Ear phones out, chair swivels… hands over whiteboard maker in anticipation



Dave the Dad bring in four packets of Tim Tams.


Lenay eats four packets of Tim Tams. 


Leany calls Dave the Dad to bring more Tim Tams, but not the orange chocolate ones.


Leany shows Tornado Toshi and Dave the Dad a Tik Tok to try. Squadra watches on in anticipation. Tornado Toshi not happy because he could be playing tennis… instead he is learning the footshake challenge…


Leany debates for a hour whether they should do exercise, then decide it’s too late to exercise and eat more Tim Tams because it would be rude to let them go to waste.

Basically to sum up a day in the life of Ciao Ollie’s it’s snacking, stair climbs, constant ideas and trying them out. I would say it’s a change, it’s fun and it’s challenging. But it’s a pretty good life and I know I am loving it! 

Until next time. 



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